Q 1

How much do Early College Courses cost?

Early College Courses are free to all Worcester Public High School  student’s. All expenses including transportation and books are covered.

Q 2

When are Early College courses offered?

Early College Courses are offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions at Quinsigamond Community College and at Worcester State University. Early College courses are also offered at the Worcester High Schools during periods 6 and 7.

Q 3

Do you receive high school credit and college credit for Early College courses?

Yes, students earn both High School and College credit.

Q 4

How do I apply for Early College Worcester?

Students must complete an Early College application which is available on-line and in the guidance office at the high schools. Students looking to take an Early College course at Quinsigamond Community College must also complete a Personal Residency form which is also available on-line. Completed forms must be handed to the student’s guidance counselor.

Q 5

How many Early College courses can I take?

Students interested in taking Early College courses are encouraged to discuss their interests with their guidance counselor. Most students take one Early College course per semester. The goal of the program is to have every student complete at least 12 credits.

Q 6

Do my Early College courses transfer to college and Universities?

Yes, however it is imperative to confirm with the colleges and universities to whom you are applying to verify their transfer credit policies. Most of the Early College courses are part of the Mass-Transfer agreement.

Q 7

Do some of the Early College Courses require an assessment ?

Yes! Some of the Quinsigamond Community Early College courses require that students take the English Accuplacer or the QMAT math assessment. Courses that require the testing include English Composition, Psychology, Sociology, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics.

Q 8

Where are the Early College Courses offered?

 Early College courses are offered at the Worcester Public High Schools, Quinsigamond Community College, and at Worcester State University.

Q 9

Do I receive a college transcript?

Yes, both Worcester State and Quinsigamond Community College will provide college transcripts. Graduating seniors can request an official transcript be sent to their attending college through the Quinsigamond Community College or Worcester State University Web-site.

Q 10

Is transportation provided to Early College courses? 

Yes, transportation is provided through the Worcester Public schools via school buses or through WRTA bus passes.

Q 11

What are the benefits of taking Early College courses?  

The Early College provides a wonderful opportunity for high school students to take college courses for free, earn college credits while in high school and accelerate college degree completion, fulfill requirements for high school while completing college credits and earn credit for courses that most often transfer to 2 and 4 year institutions through MassTransfer.

Q 12

Is there a GPA requirement to take Early  College courses?

No! Any student in a Worcester Public High School is eligible to take Early College Courses.