Welcome to Early College Worcester

Welcome to Early College Worcester!  This program provides you with an early start to your success in college, free college classes, free books, mentoring support to assure you are successful, college preparation activities, and more!  We know college is one of the pathways to future success…why not get a jump on it while you’re in high school? 

Compared to all high school students nationwide, Early College Students:

·       Are more likely to graduate college (90% vs. 78%)

·       Are more likely succeed in college (86% vs. 72%)

·       Are more likely to have a college degree to open doors to their future.

For more information or to start your Early College journey, click below.

Your Cost Early College Worcester Program At College
Cost per College Credit Free $197.00 - $1,295.00
Cost per College Course Free $591.00 - $3,885.00
Cost per Semester (12 Credits) Free $2,364.00 - $15,540.00
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